These Modu were captured, tested on, and tamed to work for the human survivors. Most of these are small with only a few organs, but Captain Miller was able to raise a magnificent specimen, according to his side project. He is eager to show it off to Admiral Adriana Nikolic, claiming that the Modu will change the face of the war.

Chimera-Modu (Chimodu)

Also known as Chimodu among the humans, these Modu were early tests conducted by the Chimera. These brainwashed beasts would die for their overlords. Rumors are saying that Chimera Elder Narrak’s pet is the most advanced Modu on Arkadia.


Not as advanced as the ones growing under the controlled environment of the Chimera or the humans, these Modu are semi-aggressive and will defend their territories to death. Sights of island-sized Modu are on the rise, although there are no documented encounters just yet.